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Leopards Group


Leopards Group

Leopards Logistics and Shipments

Our Logistics and Shipments division offers the transportation services of containers and other equipment. Our services include: International Freight Forwarding, Shipping Agency, NVOCC, and Marine Survey. We also offer an Afghan transit Cargo, where Cargo equipment can be moved to Afghanistan, and we offer Door to Door delivery services, offered worldwide. Many other services are available as well. For more information:

Phone: (021) 3454-0252

Leopards Printers

Providing High quality printing since 12 years, Leopards Printers houses equipment proficient to print more than 350 000 impressions per day. The machinery is highly efficient and up to date, and includes Rolant, Solna, and Four Color Job Hyderberg Printers. We print all kinds of material, in quantities both small and large. For more information about pricing strategies and printing material, call now at: 92-42-6300262  

Leopards Travels

At Leopards Travel we offer national and international for your travel needs anywhere in the world. Upon request, hotel bookings, tours and business conferences can be pre-arranged according to your desired preference. 

In addition, Leopards Travel also offers specialized Hajj and Umrah packages ranging from Two Star to Five Star. All travel requirements such as accommodation and transportation can be pre-arranged. 

To plan your vacation, call us at (021) 34540251 or email us at for any questions or concerns. 

Leopards Car Rental

A Lahore based division of the Leopards group, Leopards Car Rental offers car rental facilities for a wide range of vehicles including Cars and SUV’s from customary car manufacturers such as Honda, Hyundai and Suzuki. Luxury cars are available for rent as well. Choose from cars ranging from Prado to Mercedes.